Missouri City Little League

Register now for Fall Ball!

Fall Registration is Now Open – registration will be open at the regular rate of $105 + $6 processing fee through September 14th.  After the 14th, registration will be avilable at $125 + $6 processing fee through September 25th.  We are looking to form teams in the middle of September and begin practices at the end of September.  The season will consist of eight games and will primarily take place in October.  Registration fees will cover a hat and tee shirt top.  MCLL realizes that many young athletes are active in many sports and related organizations throughout the year.  If for some reason we have a difficult time registering enough players to field a strong, MCLL only fall season, the league is prepared to inter-league with other area leagues.  Either way, the fall season will happen and be fun filled.  Please follow the link to register your player now:

Missouri City Little League

Join the leadership team for MCLL!

Your League Needs Your Help – the MCLL Board of Directors is made up of parents just like you that are concerned enough with ensuring that all area children have a safe and successful place to learn and enjoy the great game of baseball that they volunteer their time and efforts.  Without their efforts during the year, MCLL would not survive.  MCLL is self directed, self funded, and completely independent of the City of Missouri City or any other institution.  It is soley by the efforts of its volunteers and the approval of its patrons and donors that it survives season to season.  With that in mind, please know that a large portion of the current sitting board will be stepping down after the next spring season (less than a year away).  Unless we can find eager volunteers to step in and fill those vacancies, MCLL will struggle to continue to provide a quality family environment and one of the best self funded facilitites for youth baseball in southwest Houston.  If you have ever considered joining the Board, or would be willing to learn more about such a role, please join us for our annual fall meeting scheduled for August 31st at 7pm at Old Hickory Inn in Missouri City Board terms run fall to fall.  Please consider stepping up to join the MCLL Board of Directors for a rewarding expeience of a lifetime.

The MCLL Board of Directors will conduct its annual fall meeting and Board position elections on 8/31/15 at 7pm at Old Hickory Inn in Missouri City Whether you are interested in joining the Board as a concerned parent, would like to help with the operations of MCLL, or simply would like more information regarding the day to day operations of your league including financial results for the previous year and plans for the upcoming year, please plan to join us.  The meeting is open to the public and all MCLL parents and encouraged to attend.  Elections for each Board position will be conducted at the end of the meeting and all members of the public are open to election for any position.  Please note that all volunteers associated with MCLL, including Board Members, must pass a background check before being allowed to actively participate.  The safety of our children is of extreme importance to us as we know it is to you.