Missouri City Little League

Tryouts February 13 and 14

Friday night, February 13, at 6:30, we will hold tryouts for 11 & 12 year-old kids and all 10 year-olds who want to try out for the Majors. 6-10-year-old players will try out Saturday morning, starting at 9AM. 10-year-old players who try out for Majors on Friday night should also come on Saturday morning to try out for Minors. Any 5-year-old players who want to play Coach Pitch should come on Saturday. Tee Ball players do not need to attend tryouts.

Uniform Sizing at Tryouts

In an effort to keep costs down and provide a better fit for uniforms, we will have a sample pair of pants and jersey in each size available at tryouts for you to check for fit. This will allow you to verify that the size you indicated for your child at registration is the correct one. Players who already have plenty of pairs of uniform pants will have the option to donate the cost of pants back to the league; this helps keep uniform costs down for everyone.

Draft Next Week; Coaches will contact you

The draft will take place the 16th-18th, and a manager will contact you thereafter to let you know what team your player will be on and the practice schedule. Practices will begin the week of the 23rd.

Raffle Tickets Distributed at Tryouts

We will be giving each player a book of raffle tickets at tryouts. Tee Ball players will receive raffle tickets from their team moms, or can come by tryouts to pick them up. Our raffle is by far our biggest fundraiser so we encourage every player to go well beyond the minimum requirement of selling one book of tickets. We have some great prizes to give away at Opening Day this year!

Tee Ball

Tee Ball Only $99 for Spring 2015

The MCLL Board has voted to keep registration for Tee Ball at $99 for Spring 2015.Tee Ball is an excellent chance for young players to learn the fundamentals of the game, build friendships, and gain a love for the sport! Because Tee Ball does not involve expenses for umpires and players do not participate in playoffs at the end of the season, the Board chose to offer this division at a reduced price. Please help spread the word that we want to grow our Tee Ball program and are excited about welcoming new and returning families to the league!

We are going to look into setting up the differentiated pricing in the system for Tee Ball. Until we have done so, we ask that parents registering players for Tee Ball choose the “Pay By Check” option so as to pay the lower amount instead of the $170 fee for regular players. You can then write us a check or pay via the MCLL website (which uses the MCLL PayPal account to proccess payments).


Spring Registration is Open!

Registration for the Spring 2015 season is NOW OPEN! Come play baseball with your friends and make new ones, too! Click here to begin the registration process.

Save $70 with Early Bird Registration – only $100 if you register by December 31!
Regular registration is $170, and will be open until January 31.
There is a $20 fee for Late Registration. No late registrations will be accepted after February 20, 2015. Every registered player should plan to attend tryouts if they wish to be selected to a team via the draft. Those unable to do so will be placed on an age appropriate team at random by MCLL staff.

Practices will begin in February, and the date for tryouts will be announced soon.

Missouri City Little League

Share Your Photos

We’d love for you to share your own pictures from MCLL events! You can submit up to four photos at a time via this form , so pick your best shots to share. Certain photos will be featured on our homepage and photo galleries may be shared on our website, email newsletter, and Facebook. Please verify with the parents of the children pictured that it’s okay for you to share the pictures with the league for use on our website, etc.